Piano Training

1-On-1 Piano Training

All-ages piano skills and performance training

Your high-performance piano training sessions are about to begin. The ideal training session lasts 50 minutes and takes place twice a week. Each one-on-one session focuses on performing the music you personally love.

This hones your music skills, so the piano becomes a means of expressing your inner self. Bach? Beyonce? No matter — playing the piano should be as effortless as breathing. In this way, you will learn to master the piano simply by mastering the songs you already love. Your training culminates in your final performance in just 3 months, where you’ll:

  • Perform of your 5 favorite songs in the world, by any artist (say, one song each by Cardi B, Khalid, deadmau5, Diplo, and John Coltrane).
  • Achieve pure calm and focus while performing, even in highly stressful environments.
  • Overcome obstacles that block your inner self from being expressed to your audience.

Get started

Your first session is free. After that, fees are $40 per session (or $200 per month for the full 8 sessions). Financial help is available if you need it. Special arrangements and logistics can be worked out for basically any situation.